5 Best Urbanic Crop Tops To Slay Your College Look

There’s something else to crop tops besides an uncovered waist. Urbanic crop tops are a craze amongst women lately. The Urbanic crop tops have become the ideal counterpart for skirt sets, the perfect outlines for a puffed-sleeve shirt, and an incredible partner to high-midriff jeans. 

If you’re ok with showing a little skin this late spring (or not!), selecting Urbanic crop tops that give you a look from the ’90s club is what you must have. 

We’re currently hopping onto styles that go past the basic tank top or a T-shirt; hence, Urbanic crop tops are the saviours.

Urbanic crop tops have varieties like the puffed sleeved Urbanic crop tops in bright colours, one-shouldered Urbanic crop tops or just basic graphic Urbanic crop tops!

Urbanic crop tops are like a mood board! How? Here’s how!

A happy mood – puffed sleeved Urbanic crop tops

A casual mood – graphic printed Urbanic crop tops

A not very cheerful mood – It’ll brighten up just as you wear the crop shirt by Urbanic.

Hence, here we have for you our favourite Urbanic Crop tops that women must have to set their mood right! 

  1. A cutout crop top

May it be a cut in the front that flashes your collar bones or one at the back? Cutout crop tops are a trend lately. And Urbanic has got you covered with the brightest colors and unique cuts on your crop tops so that you can wear them anywhere you feel like and make a fashion statement.

  1. A wrap crop

Wrap tops are a significant crush for women who struggle with size issues. But wrap tops are usually long and seem pretty boring! But that’s why we have Urbanic. It has wrap crop tops and is very adorable when worn. They are for your exact size and are made with the best fabrics that give you comfort.

  1. A crop shirt!

These are indeed a craze and a want for every woman out there. Of course, crop shirts have a different space in our hearts and our wardrobes, but honestly, we’re all bored of those solid and boring crop shirts that we usually get. On the other hand, Urbanic has printed crop shirts with prints like animals and flowers and even minimal cartoons! I know you’re craving one too!

  1. A Printed Puffed Sleeves crop top

We are all back to the 90s with the puffed Sleeves now. May it be maxis or crop tops, puff sleeves are a must-have for all the ladies. Urbanic has a set of puffed Sleeves crop tops, but the one we loved the most was the full, puffed sleeves floral crop top. These give you summery vibes as well as are comfortable to wear. These are best for dates and day outs with your girl gang!


  1. Victorian crop tops

Keeping the best for the last, here are the Victorian crop tops by Urbanic. These are full-sleeved, with a square neck and even ruched and ribbed tops that are an absolute sweetheart when worn! These are in floral prints and different base colors and will suit best when worn on wide-legged jeans or a twirly skirt!

As everything ends, so has this beautiful list of 5 must-have crop tops from Urbanic! These were our top picks and the must-haves. Do you have more to add? Let us know!

5 Best Urbanic Crop Tops To Slay Your College Look

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