4 Best Places to Get affordable Plain T-shirts in Singapore

Plain t-shirts: Are you looking to get your t-shirts in Singapore stocked up? Check out these places which we have compiled in a list where you can get them at affordable prices!

Whether you are someone who is in favor of a minimalist clothing wardrobe or you are someone who is in need of custom t-shirt, we have got you covered.

These plain designs may be boring to most but I can assure you that they are mostly comfortable, and functional and give rise to custom t-shirt printing, thus custom graphic tees in Singapore. You can almost never go wrong with donning on a plain tee to head out, be it for a simple outing or even a casual date.

But here comes the issue, “Where can I get affordable ones in Singapore?” Lucky you that we’ve compiled a list of places where you can check out to grow your collection of T-shirts in your wardrobe!

1. Uniqlo Singapore

Uniqlo-stores-SingaporeI’m sure you’d have heard of Uniqlo by now unless you’re someone living under the rock. Uniqlo Singapore is actually a Japanese casual wear designer, retailer, and manufacturer which has established itself strongly in this industry! They have been growing in popularity rapidly due to their fashionable and functional clothing. But most importantly, it is because of their affordable plain tees which have drawn more and more people!


They have a range of T-shirts in their store, with a few integrated technologies such as “HEATTECH” and “AIRism” that set them apart from their competitors. Uniqlo Singapore carries them in V-neck style, cotton, and much more different cutting.

Click this link for the exact location of Uniqlo Singapore stores near you!

2. Muji Singapore


Besides selling aesthetically-pleasing stationeries and household items, Muji Singapore boasts a wide collection of apparel, a section many patrons, unfortunately, skip altogether. According to Mujirushi Ryohin, “MUJI” in Japanese translates to “no-brand quality goods”. It’s no surprise that MUJI does best with basic T-shirts.

They are indeed well-known for their quality goods such as household items and of course apparel such as their plain tees. You can definitely find superb quality grade t-shirts in MUJI Singapore, never shortchanging you in anyways.

Click this link for the exact location of Muji Singapore stores near you!

3. Taobao


The possibilities of things you can get from major marketplaces like Taobao are endless. You can find almost anything you want from e-commerce giants like Taobao, even plain t-shirts, from literally thousands of shops and options. Taobao has arguably one of the most dynamic online shopping experiences around, thus making them one of the top key players in this industry as well. Do expect to be overwhelmed even when you’re shopping for these t-shirts. And the best part? They are priced at a competitive affordable prices!

4. Lazada


If there’s one thing that these e-commerce giants have in common, it’s their wide range of offers and products for consumers. These include apparel that specifically targets a group of consumers who are only looking for affordable plain tees in Singapore. You can definitely find something that suits you over here. Not to mention, these plain t-shirts come in many different colors which you could alternate between for different types of outings and occasions!

All in all, if you’re looking for cheap t-shirts, no problem! Lazada Singapore has millions of products for you to shop for! Definitely check them out!


These 4 best places will definitely help you in your journey to get your T-shirts for your custom t-shirt printing at affordable prices. These 4 places that we have recommended sell quality plain tees which will be a bang for your buck. Building a minimalist wardrobe could be your next big step towards a sleeker and refined you. It could also pave the way for making your very own custom t-shirt in Singapore, whether you are going with the DTG shirt printing or the silkscreen printing.


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